Classic R&B Rock - Is Very Much Alive Under The Watchful Performance of JESSE 

Jesse delivers an all-original catalog of Soulful R&B Rock music, re-energizing this interminable sound with the evolution of technology - Jesse's music is Transcending, Seasoned, and Delectably formulated in his own veneer.  Feel the passion of an alluring Soulful/Rock Experience delivered in every track.

With a reservoir of studio production experience, Jesse's music production and recordings today entice a broader genuine style - synthesizing Pop, R&B/Soul, Funk & Rock; reaching an eclectic, divergent audience, where fans can relish the distinct flavor behind each song performed.   

The Singer/Songwriter harvests a rich original style, making his compositions both classic and contemporary.  His arrangements are fearlessly seasoned, smart and sensual, developing "Old-School" influence from such artists as (Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Whitney Huston, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin,  James Brown, etc.) too many to list all here, to be sure - as the bar has been set high by these recording artists.  However, Jesse's diverse interest is in all forms of music. 

The evolution of Jesse today brings together The JESSE MORGAN Band delivering a Synthesis, Righteous, Power-House of R&B/Soul that Rocks.  In the early years of his music career, Jesse's first band experience was formed with a four-piece pop/rock group called The Wanderers while in high school, where he played bass guitar and lead singer; shortly after high school Jesse was tapped as one of the original Mopptops out of Hawaii; as a long-haired rocker back then lead vocalist playing rhythm guitar - fuel by the energy of the band's music, live performances and traveling brought Jesse much success in the early years of his music career based out of Honolulu, Hawaii his home town back then.

For those who savor a more sophisticated, alluring epic sensation in your choice of music, experience the ongoing evolution, JESSE. 

Pure Sustained Attitude......