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On Vinyl Title:    jesse 
Artist:                Jesse Morgan 
Label:                Mo Sole/Tramp Records 
Genre:               Soulful R&B/Rock 
The album kicked off with a funky number and I had visions of the Starsky & Hutch Characters, Huggy Bear in full on pimp style outfit strutting his stuff.  Blaxploitation fans eat your heart out. 
The CD continued on quite an up-tempo style and had me bopping around the stereo.  I can imagine the dramatic style of the CD working well as movie soundtrack. 
The Rock influence was strong on 'You For Me And Me For You' and I was beginning to realize from this CD anything musical that Jesse Morgan had an hand in worked well. 
Track 6 and 9 sounded like tracks that you would hear coming out of the Motown camp in years gone by and like those tracks this CD is classic. 
I usually give an indication of my favourite tracks but there are too many to mention so I suggest if you want 'A Taste Of R&B That Rocks' you log onto Spotify and get your copy and I can assure you, you won't be disappointed. 
The Dainty Crew, UK London

Funky! This is some righteous soul, hearkening back to when a melody counted more than beat, before disco corrupted the concept of cuddin' up to your main squeez on the dance floor. If this can't make you move, Jack, you dead. Morgan produced as well as performed and wrote all the songs. 
One may eamil Jesse Morgan at: jesmor47@hotmail.com.

What a smokin' cd..... 
 "A Taste of R&B Rock"! from the LP Jesse 
Some first impressions: R&B, Funk, Rock - this album has it all. This album is pure hooks and catchy melodies, glittering horns, great songwriting! It sounds like classic r&b with a contemporary feel. Great rhythm and horn sections. Almost every song could be a single. Highlights: Track 1 "Mr. Jive" starts the album off with a catchy beat and great vocals, sounds like something off of Parliament's "Mothership Connection". Track 5 "What Changed Your Mind" is a great r&b ballad with strong vocals. Track 8 "Ain't No Price (Quite as Nice as Being Loved)" is another catchy composition with great guitar, horns, and vocals. Great album! 
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Un disco de soul en Iron Skies? Pues si, por que no. Sobre todo si tenemos en cuenta que ultimamente he estado escuchando bastante a Marvin Gaye y poco despues llega a mis manos este disco. No es que quiera comparar a Jesse Morgan con un monstruo como Marvin Gaye, Pero si que tiene puntos en comun, y este disco no esta, nada nial. Parece que Jesse Morgan tiene cierta fama, yo la verdad es que no lo conocia de nada y un cd sin portada y sin referencia alguna a discografica no tiene buena pinta, por eso cuando empieza a sonar el disco te llevas una agradable sorpresa. El sonido es genial, buenas composiciones y una produccion que se adivina casera pero parece de gran nivel para revestir canciones ricas en arreglos. Este disco no deberia faltar en tu discoteca para tus fiestas..y post fiestas. Let's Get It On!  - Julian Iturri, IRON SKIES Magazine.

Sensational vocal artist Jesse Morgan will captivate you with his fabulous R&B/Rock CD, "Plugged-In LIVE." Morgan demonstrates his vocal prowess on this cd and does a fantastic job as his voice has a charismatic style and grace. This cd features the wonderful song "She's Winning My Heart," and it is overflowing with passion and soul. One can feel the emotive vibes Morgan projects as he sings with an enchanting vitality. The dynamic instrumentation flows with a smooth groove as this melodic melody with seep subtly into your heart and soul. Listen as the velvety bass, crisp piano, guitar, and solid drums complements the vocals with a mesmerizing magnetism. Fans of easy listening R&B music will really appreciate the talents of Jesse Morgan and his band on the cd single, "Plugged-In LIVE." featuring on side 1. She's Winning My Heart, and side 2. Where Do We Go From Here - Both sides are Rock.- Radioindy Music Review

SOUNDOUT Music Reviews:   
She’s Winning My Heart 
The CD "Plugged-LIVE" 
I enjoyed the intro very much, and the upbeat sound of the song was very enjoyable, when the vocals come in it all fits rather well.  Personally I think the song has been made to a very high standard and I'll go as far as to say it deserves a good amount of public attention. 

The drums are light and funky in a really cool way and with some nice variations and fills to it.  The keyboards are setting up a nice large feeling and lifts up the track with a nice classic twist.  The guitar is nicely balanced and doesn’t fill up to much space in the mix and the bassline is nice smooth and grooved.The vocalist is skilled and knows what he is doing and where he is going - could defiantly have been a radio-hit. 

Great beginning to the song. The tempo is extremely on point.The bass is really deep like you're in a club at the moment you're listening to it.This takes me back to the days of warehouse races on Saturdays. 

An intro that hooked me straight away sounds a little like GOTTA HAVE FAITH, and a vocal that kicked in also not disappointing. Love the wail of the male voice used, and the calm drumming, coupled with all the other instruments and well constructed piano work. Beautiful track that is not really my style but I appreciate it a lot none the less. Well done guys! 

This guy can sing. He hits all the high notes with no problem, and this song has a good beat in it. I see this guy going far with his singing. This is just an awesome song. 

This song has a great country western feel and the song is powerful. I think the song is soulful and the best part is when the song started its tune and the singer came in with his vocals. I think the song is great and the beat is sounds fantastic. I love the energy and the range on the singer’s voice. 

The quality from the beginning was amazing. I felt the artist has a great tone and a distinctive tone. The pitch and the energy in this song flowed very good with the rhythm in the background. 

When this opened the track really burst in to life with some excellent sound quality in this track, there was really overloaded feel in the keyboard to begin this track too, the guitars sounded really sharp with good distorted sound, the track wasn't too heavy the track had some good vocals and easy middle of the road feel in the whole, production as well, the chorus was catchy and safe feel in the music overall. I liked the bass line that stood out in the end phase of this track with gave it a nice change. 

Oh yeah, lovely intro! It got my toes tapping to the beat and my head shaking up and down. The vocals were nice but I simply did not hear what he was trying to sing. It has a very 80's feel to it and I love that. It is not a typical song that would play today, that is why I felt that this was truly unique. The lyrics I did hear were uplifting and flowed.- SOUNDOUT Music Reviews

Press Release 
The CD titled "JESSE MORGAN Plugged-In L I V E".   Jesse, Singer songwriter/performer featuring the single on cd "She's Winning My Heart", is based out of Los Angeles.  Jesse once more demonstrates another avenue of his music roots as a Rocker from the early years playing with a four piece Rock Band. The arrangements are tight and intricately scored for a dynamic sonic rock sound for the sophisticated listener.  An experienced performer for sure.... and no doubt you will enjoy both sides of the cd. 
The Real Deal!- The Indie Ezine