From the recording Is It Love (you're lookin' for)


Is It Love (you’re lookin’ for)

What do you wanna do but ya don’t know what to do
What do you think you need but ya not quite sure if ya got it
Is love that you’re lookin for
You know its hard to come by……
Anyway……for me and you
Everyday I pray
And I hope the dear lord above
Hear my prays……
Don’t deny me
Somethin’ on ya mind but don’t what it is……Oh Lord
I can see it in your eyes and ya better not tell a lie
Tell me now baby
Tell me what it is girl
I wanna help you baby….if  I can now
Tell me what you need……
I wanna give it to you
Is it love that you’re lookin for
It comes every once in awhile
Is it true love…..that ya lookin’ for
Please don’t be afraid and let me sooth you babe
With a little time…..I’m gonna make you mind
I finally realized for me