Livin' In The City

Jesse Morgan




Livin’ In The City


 Livin’ in the city

Can really he a grove

Even though it its fast

I’m willin’ to take a chance


Night clubs that are funky

The people doin’ the monkey

Cause that’s what seems to move

The people soul to grove


So wake everybody

And see those city lights

How they shine on

For that down town city jive


So if you’re in my city

Lookin‘ for a taste

Don’t be afraid

Call my place


We‘ll both get high

And try not to fly

We’ve both got an hour

To blow this white power.


But if you’ve been there

You know what I mean

Livin’ in the city

Can really he a grove

So 1’11 hang in there

And see if its real

If livin’ in the city

Can really be a thrill